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Clinics in South Shields and Ashington

The Chiropractic Clinic has branches in Ashington and South Shields serving patients both side of the Tyne.

86 % of our patients did not return to the GP following treatment

When surveyed our 86% of patients who had seen a GP before attending the clinic did not need to return to the GP after recieving treatment.

91% patients improved

91% of Patients who were surveyed after 30 days following their initial treatment reported improvement.

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What our patients say

{Patient P}. Visiting the chiropractor can increase your speed of recovery, because your GP is not trained in this field and it is normally a course of painkillers and see how it goes and then referred if they don’t work. Which means more time suffering with pain I really feel that the pain relief from attending the clinic has dramatically improved my life?

{Patient M}. Gary not only sorted out my back problem but also give me exercises & advice on how to make sure the problems don't come back I now go back every 6 months to keep my back in pain free

{Patient F} The treatment I received at the chiropractor was excellent although did not help with my condition (unknown at the time). Advice given by my chiropractor helped me to get a diagnosis for my condition (AS) sooner.

{Patient B} A family member recommended going to see a chiropractor. I was relived from a vast amount of pain from the first consultation. I started a course of nine sessions over 12 weeks. By the end of the course the pain had discomfort had reduced dramatically. I have had to attend the clinic since my appointments finished as I still suffer from back, neck and leg pain following exercise, gardening, etc. I really feel that the pain relief from attending the clinic has dramatically improved my life

{Patient Ann} I had manipulation on my back many years ago and recall it being very painful, so I was not sure what to expect. The treatment I received from Gary was a little uncomfortable but not painful. The benifits have, for myself been remarkable I can now get out of bed each morning pain free something which has not happened for a long time. I would highly recommend Gary and his team at the Wansbeck Chiropractic Clinic for their friendly professional advice and competence in carrying out their work .

{ Patient H } I tried GP., Acupuncture. (sports clinic) after one GP told me to rest (it seized up) and the other GP gave me mega strength painkillers which made me ill. Had I known anything about chiropractic healthcare I would have gone in the first place as it definitely works for me.

{Patient Paul}  I had increasing pain of over two months in my neck which radiated  across my right shoulder and down my arm. I saw my doctor who seemed to consider a strained muscle, which I didn't feel was correct. I went to Wansbeck Chiropractic clinic were I was informed there was pressure between two joints in my neck which was causing the pain. After six treatments I fully recovered. I can fully recommend the skills and professionalism of Gary.