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Nervous Patients

Nervous about seeing a chiropractor, heard stories of cracking bones, twisting necks and jumping on your back. Many people avoid seeing a chiropractor for fear it will hurt or make them worst. At the clinic we fully appreciate that patients maybe nervous, apprehensive or slightly worried when they first come to the clinic.

Some facts about what we do at the Wansbeck Clinic.

  • We can use techniques which make no popping noises
  • The majority of patients only experience mild soreness if any at all after treatment.
  • Treatments don’t hurt
  • The principle chiropractor has over 20 years experience treating patients as a medic in addition to being a chiropractor.
  • Everything is explained in details before any treatment is carried out.

If you are nervous or apprehensive phone the clinic to speak with Lisa, Jennie or Gary so we can put you at ease and answer any questions you may have.