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Clinics in South Shields and Ashington

The Chiropractic Clinic has branches in Ashington and South Shields serving patients both side of the Tyne.

86 % of our patients did not return to the GP following treatment

When surveyed our 86% of patients who had seen a GP before attending the clinic did not need to return to the GP after recieving treatment.

91% patients improved

91% of Patients who were surveyed after 30 days following their initial treatment reported improvement.

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About our Clinic Standards

The Clinic strives to offer the very best in care for our patients this led to the clinic being awarded three awards in 2010 at a London Awards Dinner Awards

Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) Award

The clinic was recognised with the Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) for demonstrating excellence in meeting patient expectations in a range of areas, as defined and judged by the College of Chiropractors Lay Partnership Group (LPG), including the following:Accessibility Booking systems and out-of-hours cover Cleanliness and safety Privacy Communication Patient education

Clinical Management Quality Mark (CMQM) Award

The clinic was recognised with the Clinical Management Quality Mark for demonstrating excellence in a range of areas including: clinical audit, risk management, incident reporting, outcome measurement, patient satisfaction, emergency procedures and operational policy.

College of Chiropractors Accredited Research Clinic

The Research Committee of the College of Chiropractors accredited the clinic as a Research Clinic for the owner “Gary Hall” credibility and commitment to research. This makes The Wansbeck Chiropractic Clinic one only thirteen in the country and the only research clinic in the North East,

These awards shows our commitment and professionalism to our patients and the chiropractic profession